Seamless Amazon Success.

Why Choose Our Amazon Account Management?

Complete Account Setup

Create and optimize your Amazon account, ensuring compliance with standards.

Inventory Management

We monitor and manage your inventory to prevent stockouts and overstock.

Customer Service

Handle customer inquiries promptly for high satisfaction and positive reviews.

Performance Tracking

Detailed reports and analytics inform store performance for data-driven decisions.

Listing Optimization

Enhance product listings with SEO-optimized titles, descriptions, and images.

Time Saving

Save time with streamlined account management solutions from Sharksecom.

Maximize Your Amazon Success with Expert Account Management!

Boost your Amazon presence with Sharksecom’s expert Account Management services. Our seasoned team customizes strategies to your goals, diligently manages your account, and executes targeted optimizations for peak performance. Enjoy increased sales, better ROI, and enhanced product visibility—all while saving you precious time. Let us handle the nitty-gritty, so you can focus on what truly matters. Connect with us today to propel your Amazon success while reclaiming your time!


Inventory Units Managed


Product Listings Optimized


Amazon Accounts Managed
Pricing plans

Effective & flexible pricing that adapts your needs!

Basic Plan

$500/ month
  • Account setup and optimization
  • Basic inventory management
  • Basic customer support
  • Monthly performance report
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Standard Plan

$1000/ month
  • Everything in Basic
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Enhanced customer support
  • Bi-weekly performance reports
  • Listing optimization (SEO)
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Premium Plan

$2000/ month
  • Everything in Standard
  • Full inventory management
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Weekly performance reports
  • Enhanced SEO and listing optimization
  • Competitor analysis
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Clients Feedback


How is an Amazon Account Manager Different from an Amazon VA?

A VA is just a Virtual Assistant, you constantly have to guide him on what to do and how to do it. Also, you have to manage him yourself so there is no Automation. Whereas we provide not VAs but Account Managers. Therefore you don’t have to do anything. A typical VA will ask for your input where as an Account Manager that we assign to you will give you input on how your Ecommerce Business on Amazon can be optimized to its fullest.

Do I get assigned an exclusive Account Manager?

We have 2-5 VAs assigned under one Account Manager. VAs are exclusive but as Amazon Account Managers are highly intellectual and capable individuals, therefore we have one Amazon Account Manager for every 2-5 VAs. An Individual VA will be exclusive and will work on only one Account. But exceptions can be made for Large Businesses requiring more than one Exclusive VA and One Exclusive Account Manager. So, it all depends on the size of the Business and its Requirements.

What are the roles of an Amazon Account Manager?

Amazon Account Manager’s Roles include but are not limited to Daily Sales and Inventory Analysis, making sure you don’t run out of stock when it’s time to make money. We keep an eye out to make sure all listings are perfect and there are no errors and in case there are, then take care of them as well. And also keeping a basic level check on Amazon PPC.

Why do we charge a monthly fee and not an hourly fee?

We don’t like to work while looking at the clock, while it does sound good to be paid more if you work more, we found out that then people get more tempted to prolong the tasks and then it takes more time than it should. So to eliminate such issues, we charge a fixed monthly fee instead of an hourly fee.

Why is an Amazon Account Manager Important?

There is so much that we can do 24 hours a, and other than work we have to spare time for our family as well and not forget ourselves as an individual. Keeping care and giving yourself some time is very important as well. So, as a Business Owner, you have to delegate tasks in your Business that are not worth your time like managing your Amazon Account, you should instead use that time on product development and its optimization. Use the saved time for setting the right direction for your Business and making sure it is moving in that direction. Having clarity is very important and to achieve that you need some time to think about it.

Does the CEO of SharksEcom check the Amazon Accounts?

Yes, Our CEO himself looks at the Accounts once every week or month depending on the type and size of the Account and Business and also the kind of issues being faced by the particular Account. We at SharksEcom believe in delivering the best customer service and try to establish such a high Benchmark in terms of Deliverability that our Clients often struggle to find such service in other areas of Business.

What if I have multiple Items/SKUs across different marketplaces, what will I then pay for Amazon Account Management Services?

There are different fees and structures for different kinds of Business sizes and it’s requirements. For a big business, we set up a custom monthly Pricing and Package that is appealing to the client in terms of getting value for money, with zero compromises on Work Quality and Deliverability. You can set up a free consultation call with our CEO to discuss your particular Scenario.