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Let us handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business.

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Seamlessly expand your operations with our scalable tech and expert support.

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Stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge strategies tailored for you.

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Increase your margins with efficient e-commerce automation

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Improve your online presence and attract more customers.

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Supercharge Your Sales with Amazon PPC!

Boost your Amazon sales with Sharksecom’s expert PPC Management services. We craft customized campaigns tailored to your unique needs, ensuring optimal keyword selection and ad placements. Our team conducts comprehensive keyword research and continuously optimizes your ads for peak performance, maximizing your return on investment. With Sharksecom, you’ll enjoy increased sales, better ROI, and enhanced product visibility on Amazon. We take the guesswork out of PPC management, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Contact us today to start achieving your sales goals and watch your products soar to the top of Amazon search results!


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Effective & flexible pricing that adapts your needs!

Basic Plan

$300/ month
  • Campaign setup
  • Basic keyword research
  • Monthly performance report
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Standard Plan

$700/ month
  • Everything in Basic
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Bid management
  • Bi-weekly performance reports
  • A/B testing for ads
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Premium Plan

$1500/ month
  • Everything in Standard
  • Dedicated PPC manager
  • Weekly performance reports
  • Advanced bid management
  • Competitor analysis
  • Full campaign optimization
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Clients Feedback


How does Sharks Ecom help in optimizing my PPC?

SharksEcom helps you increase your Visibility on Amazon, more visibility is equal to more sales. We help you with lowering your Customer Acquisition Cost, which means more profit. And all that while managing all of your advertisements. So, you can focus on other important aspects of your Business.

How do you know if you need PPC Optimization or Management Services?

Our Services are for all, If you are running your PPC at a loss, if you want to increase your Business, If you are new to this and don’t know how to start Advertisement, If you don’t have enough time yourself to work on it, or if you just want more sales with more profit. We got you covered.

Can’t I run PPC by myself?

Yes, you can. But you might run into the following issues.

  • More Money Spent: While working with anything new, you don’t get it right away. So, you might end up spending more money than if you had hired a professional and didn’t have to deal with less profit or loss.
  • More Time Spent: You might spend a lot more time setting up campaigns and trying to optimize them than in comparison to a professional who has years of experience and would have set up the campaigns in far less time and would have optimized it more quickly.

So, it is far better if you let professionals manage and optimize your Amazon Campaigns while you work on other areas of your Business.

What are the metrics that Sharks Ecom works on while optimizing my PPC?

We work on improving the following Metrics:

  • ROAS: We try to increase (Return on Ad Spend) as much as possible.
  • ACOS: We try to decrease (Advertising Cost of Sale) as much as possible.
  • CTR: We try to increase the (Click through rate) by showing the advertisements to the targeting relevant audience only.
  • CPC: We work on reducing (Cost per click) so that we may achieve more profit per sale.
  • TACOS: We work on managing and keeping (Total Advertisement Cost of Sales) as much low as possible regarding sales and revenue.

How much time does it take for my PPC to be optimized?

It depends upon the current situation of the PPC as well as the results we wish to achieve. So, the time can vary a lot.

Do I need to keep the PPC services after my PPC is optimized?

It depends on your end Goal. If you are satisfied with the results that SharksEcom has delivered including but not limited to More Sales, More Profit, and Less Spend. Then you would opt to keep it, as you would have gotten used to the Automated Management and our Top Notch Customer Support with Bottom Line Results Deliverance. We would hate to see you leave and would try to resolve any issue if any. However, if you do want to choose to opt out of the services. You can.

Does Sharks Ecom also help to manage my Account besides Amazon PPC Management?

Yes, we do that and much more. You can explore our Website for the relevant Service and when ready you can book a meeting with our CEO.

What is the Difference between Manual PPC and Automatic PPC?

There are two types of different Campaigns you can set up.

  • Automatic PPC: This is an easy option for beginners where you can select the Ad type and put it in your budget and it starts running. In this Campaign, you don’t have much control over your campaign. This is focused on Beginners.
  • Manual PPC: This type of Campaign is for more Experienced and Professional Campaigns Managers, It has a lot of control for the campaign including but not limited to Ad type, Placement, Bid Control, and much more that can’t be explained here. With more control, a pro can easily mold the campaign however he likes to achieve the targeted results.

How does Good PPC management and optimization affect my Amazon Business?

Advertisement means Sales. Sales are everything for a Business. A Good Business needs a lot of Sales/Revenue with a good profit margin. Although profit margin also depends upon good sourcing and shipping of the items. But Advertisement has a lot of impact on it as well. If you have a Business that has good sales and a good profit margin then it is a good business. And With good managed PPC you can increase your sales with more profit margin by spending less on Advertisement.